Navegaon National Park

It's a national park situated in the district of Gondia in Maharashtra (India). There is a picturesque lake set amid lush green hills at Navegaon and a watch-tower alongside. The nature is wound in smiles with the unrivaled Navegaon Lake sprawling its silvery mirror underneath the mountains. Wildlife lovers can go for jungle safaris and view the thrilling forest, crossing paths with Tiger, Panther, Jungle cat, Small India Civet, Wolf, Palm Cavet, Bisons, Jackle, Sambars, Nilgais, Chitals, Wild boars, Sloth Bears, and Wild Dogs in this national park.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Navegaon, is home to many bird species, including a large number of migratory birds which flock the lake during winter. Visitors can enjoy the sight of leopards, gaurs, sloth bears, sambars, chitals and langoors during jungle safari. There are plenty of places of interest around this park like Itiadoh Dam (20 km), Pratapgad (15 km) and Tibetan Camp at Gothangaon (15 km). One of the key features of this park is the existence of various types of vegetation ranging from dry mixed forests to moist forests. It serves as a repository of several medicinal, economical, and ornamental plant species like Teak, Jamun, Kawat, Haldu, Ain, Mahua, Bhel and Bhor.