Tadoba Kanha Tour

The Tadoba Kanha tour is the exclusive opportunity to explore the wildlife of Central & Western India in a 5-night and 6-day plan, offering the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Your journey begins in either Jabalpur or Nagpur, Madhya Pradesh, where you'll be met and transferred to your comfortable accommodation near Kanha National Park. Settle in and soak in the serenity of your surroundings before embarking on two thrilling days of jungle safaris within the park.

Kanha National Park, renowned for its vibrant ecosystem, is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, the elegant Barasingha, the powerful Indian Gaur, the enigmatic Sloth Bear, the graceful Sambar deer, the ferocious Wild Dogs, the elusive Leopards, and a myriad of rare bird species.

You will enjoy two-morning safaris and one afternoon safari in Kanha National Park, maximizing your chances of witnessing these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. Morning safaris are particularly special, as the rising sun awakens the jungle, leading to heightened wildlife activity.

The next stop is the Tadoba National Park, to which you will be transferred on the third day of this 5 Night/6 Day tour. This scenic 300-kilometer journey from Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra, marks your transition to the equally captivating Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Prepare to be enthralled by the rich biodiversity of Tadoba National Park over the next two days. Your itinerary features two morning safaris and two afternoon safaris here, providing ample opportunities to explore the park's diverse ecosystems and spot its elusive inhabitants.

Tadoba's compact size compared to Kanha National Park makes it an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts, as it increases your chances of encountering the Tigers and other fascinating creatures. Keep your eyes peeled for Sloth Bears ambling through the forest, Leopards basking on tree branches, and a kaleidoscope of birdlife flitting through the canopy.

During this tour, you will enjoy a stay at the best hotels in Kanha and Tadoba National Park with the memorable experience of staying in the middle of nature. We ensure the smoothest transfers, meals, and transportation to ensure you have a great time!

Day 01: Arrival in Jabalpur/Nagpur - Kanha

Embark on your exciting journey with our Kanha Tour Package. Upon your arrival in Jabalpur or Nagpur, you will be transferred to Kanha National Park in a comfortable air-conditioned taxi. Both cities are well-connected by flights and trains, ensuring a smooth start to your adventure. If you desire to shop for essentials such as batteries, memory cards, or currency exchange, Jabalpur provides an opportunity. As we journey through Jabalpur city, quaint villages, and lush forested areas, we'll pass by Mandla town after covering 90 kilometers. Upon reaching Kanha National Park, take time to unwind at the resort and prepare for upcoming photographic safaris.

Overnight stay at a resort in Kanha National Park.

*Note that safari drives are closed every Wednesday evening in Kanha, but you can indulge in bird watching around the resort.

Day 02: Kanha National Park Jungle Safaris

Experience the thrill of morning and evening safaris in Kanha Tiger Reserve. Begin your day with a captivating morning jungle safari, followed by an afternoon safari. It is crucial to book safari tickets in advance due to the limited availability, often sold out beforehand.

During the safari, a knowledgeable guide will accompany you, assisting in the search for photographic subjects. Kanha's diverse wildlife includes not only tigers but also rare Barasingha, Indian Gaur, Sloth bear, Sambar, Wild Dog, and Leopards.

Overnight stay at a resort in Kanha National Park.

Day 03: Kanha National Park - Tadoba National Park (360kms/07:00hrs)

Embark on a morning safari and later journey to Tadoba National Park. Begin the day with an exhilarating morning safari drive before heading to Tadoba, located in Maharashtra. Expect a lengthy drive as we aim to reach our resort by sunset.

Overnight stay at a resort in Tadoba National Park.

Day 04: Tadoba Jungle Safaris

Engage in morning and evening safari drives in Tadoba National Park, renowned for its excellent tiger sightings. Located in the dry Chandrapur district of Vidarbha, Tadoba surprises visitors with its greenery within the park, despite the dry surroundings. Please note that alcohol consumption is prohibited, and swimming pools are rare in the resorts. Capture glimpses of tigers, sloth bears, Indian gaur, and spotted deer, with the possibility of spotting crocodiles near lakes.

Overnight at a resort in Tadoba National Park.

Day 05: Tadoba Jungle Safaris

Continue your wildlife safaris, capturing more memorable moments in the diverse landscape of Tadoba National Park.

Camera fees are paid at the entrance gate based on camera dimensions.

Overnight at a resort in Tadoba National Park.

Day 06: Tadoba - Nagpur (180kms/04:00hrs)

On this day, after breakfast, drive to Nagpur for your departure. Reflect on the incredible wildlife experiences and memories created during your enriching journey.